SwingStock by Bob and Maureen

Bob and Maureen

SS2009R001The biggest wildest campout ever! Swingstock just keeps getting bigger and better every year. There were over 400 couples this year and you know what they say, the more the merrier.

Bob and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were happy to find out we were camping in between our good friends Walter and Charley and Monte and Linda. Since we are all vendors we parked at one end of the campground with the other vendors and this was a great place to be. The stage was right there in the middle so we were close to all the action going on. Swingstock has activities going on all day and night, so there is always something happening. If you don’t feel like joining in on the activities there were many vendors so you could spend all day shopping if you wanted to.

Wednesday night was kind of quiet since the party was not officially started until Thursday but you wouldn’t know it by the number of people already there. After we set up camp we sat talking under the stars and watching Bob put up his many lights around our motor home. We then took a walk around the campground with Walter and Charley to check out all the campsites so far. The neat thing about SwingStock is they have a prize for the best decorated campsite so a lot of people really go all out and it is really interesting to see all of them. It is truly amazing what people come up with.

Thursday looked to be a beautiful day so Bob and I were up early getting our table set up with all the magazines and stuff we pass out. That being done we went for a ride to check out the whole campground on the golf cart. The place really has a lot of room for motor homes as well as tent campers. There is a lake, a pavilion and two stages. After our tour we registered and now it was time to party!

Thursday afternoon there was a volleyball game going on for the energetic people and a scavenger hunt later in the afternoon. These are really good ways to meet new people and make lots of friends. The weather was beautiful and everyone was having a great time. At dusk Toni and Glenn welcomed everyone to the campout and the staff put on a skit for us. It was a three part skit which they did every night before the dance. Toni and Glenn have a wonderful staff and that’s very important when you have such a big event. They were always on hand if you needed something or just to keep things under control.

The theme for the dance on Thursday night was B&D and many people had on their leather, collars and even leashes. The winner of this night won a free trip to the Caribbean Reef Resort, just outside of Cancun, Mexico. The music was great and everyone was dancing into the night. The dance floor I guess you would call it was in front of the stage and there were bales of hay spread around for people to sit on and have sex on as it turns out. I saw quite a few people dancing their own style to the music on the bales of hay. I thought that would be neat to try because I have never had sex on hay and would like to try it, although it did look a little scratchy. We never did though because we were too busy having sex just about everywhere else. It was quite a night and the beginning of a great “fucking” weekend.

Friday was filled with many things going on such as volley ball, body painting, and even Let’s Make a Deal which was loads of fun. It was just like the real thing with prizes behind curtains and everything. Everyone really enjoyed this game. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Dinner was buns and wieners with all the trimmings. Everyone filled up on dinner just in time for the mermaid’s ball. Toni, Glen and their staff really did a great job decorating the stage and even had helium balloons tied to the bales of hay so it really had the under the sea look. Many girls were dressed as mermaids and that is not an easy thing to be dressed as, especially at a swinger’s party. Mermaids have no legs just one long tail so it makes it really hard for the guys. But these girls managed to look like mermaids, but were able to spread their legs when they need to, thank goodness.

Bob and I were dancing when we ran into a couple we had met in Jamaica and we were very happy to see them. We started dancing with them and since we were almost having sex on the dance floor, (according to Bill Clinton Bob getting a blowjob wasn’t sex) so we decided to head back to the motor home to really get into it. We made as far as the lounge chairs outside the motor home when the guys decided to reciprocate and eventually ended up in the bedroom. It was great seeing and having sex with them again. What a great night!

Saturday was upon us already and it was the day for all the contests to be held during the afternoon. Of course this was the day the weather decided to change and we had a huge thunder storm. Everyone was scrambling to get their stuff to dryer areas and we were among those people. Our canopy above our magazines started to fly in the air and I almost was blown away trying to hold it down. We managed to get everything into the motor home and I think everyone else did the same. Luckily for us the rain did stop after a few hours and we were back out in the sunshine. The contests were all held just a little late, but we still had them all and they were lots of them. They had a best buns, best legs and best chest contests. There was the newly royal game for the contestants competing for the King and Queen. And there was the contest for Miss Swingstock in which the winner goes on to compete in the finals for the Ms No Swimsuit Contest in Jamaica.

The Saturday night’s Coronation Ball was sponsored by Hedonism III, Runaway Bay, Jamaica. After all that we sat down to a great dinner that had about everything to eat. Hamburgers, BBQ chicken, ribs and many side dishes, too many to name. It was delicious and I ate until I thought I would bust. Now it was getting dark and time for the keynote speaker which was Bob from New Orleans. If you have never heard of Bob and Tess who put on Nawlins In November, you should check it out. It is really a great convention. Bob was very good as he always is when he gives a speech. After Bob they announced the King and Queen. SS2009059As they were doing that fireworks were going off and everyone had sparklers so it was absolutely beautiful! I, myself love sparklers so to me that was a really great touch. It was a very nice end to a wonderful weekend. The dance that followed was really wild and went on late into the night. I guess no one wanted the weekend to be over so we all partied like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow did come and it was time to pack up and say our good-byes.

Bob and I would like to thank Toni and Glen and their wonderful staff for an absolutely wonderful time, you guys did a fantastic job. If you would like to know more about Swingstock and when it will be next year you can contact Toni or Glen at (320) 245-6803 or email them at clubh@tfexp.com