SS2009R098The weather this year was not the best, it was down right cold, but it didn’t stop the spirit of SwingStock. There were still the events, the games, and the meeting of new friends and seeing old ones. Granted, we all had to dress warmly, but there was still a lot of fun to be had. Actually, the cooler weather brought about a lot of campfires, where you got to see old friends and make new ones. Isn’t that what SwingStock is all about? Again this year, there was so much to see, so much to do, and not enough hours in the day.

Wednesday was your get acquainted or reacquainted day. Wednesday night there was a Welcome Dance. Not only do you get to meet new people and see old friends, but Toni and Glen get to welcome you to SwingStock and the campground. Also, the Residents of the campground (that includes me and my husband), get to show you our “little piece of heaven” and do our best to make sure that you feel welcome, comfortable and have a good time. By the mood on the dance floor, everyone had a great time.

Thursday was the day that the games began and there was continued fun. The search for Elly May’s blouse was on. After five clues, it was Mr. and Mrs. want2playwithu, on friendshipexpress.com who won. All it takes is one clue. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. want2playwithu for finding Elly May’s blouse.

Let the dance begin. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, we had a dance that was based upon “A TRIBUTE TO THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES”. Some people dressed for the theme that night and others just wore what they wanted. Thursday night was the “Uncle Jed Hat Dance”, Friday night was the “Short Shorts Soiree”, and Saturday night was the “Hillbilly Hoedown”. Every night it was a great treat to see everyone on the dance floor.

The play this year was “A TRIBUTE TO THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES”. Again this year, the play was filled with laughter and innuendo. It was truly wonderful to see. The actors, actresses, and cameo appearances were all well suited for their parts. It is almost as if they were typecast for their roles. Their dedication and hard work really show through each night as they entertain us. Already, I am anticipating the play next year.

Seven lovely ladies competed for the chance to be named Ms. NoSwimsuit, and a competition it was. All the ladies would have represented SwingStock wonderfully. They all gave their best and it was delightful to watch them perform. Again this year, it was a very close contest. Congratulations to all of the contestants, as you all where winners in my eyes. The winner for the 2009 Ms. NoSwimsuit for SwingStock was Dawn. Congratulations to Dawn. I am sure that you will make SwingStock proud.

Three couples vied for the title of King and Queen of SwingStock – 2009. All three couples were deserving of the crown. It was fun and entertaining to watch them all compete in “Elly May’s Newlywed Game”. The audience could not believe that the “missing” spouse would correctly answer some of the questions. However, it seemed that the more outrageous the answer, the “missing” spouse answered the question correctly. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. RnB4fun on friendshipexpress.com for getting every question correct. After all the ballots were cast and counted, Mr. and Mrs. RnB4fun were crowned King and Queen of SwingStock – 2009. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. RnB4fun.

As in the past, it is always fun to walk or drive the golf cart around the campground and see who has decorated their campsite for that year’s theme for SwingStock. This year was no exception. The personalities of all of those who decorate are indeed shown by the amount and type of decorating that they do. Congratulations to Al and Amy for winning Best Campsite – 2009 and continuing your reign for Best Campsite. Will Al and Amy win again in 2010 or will someone be able to take the title from them?

There were also other games and social hours to meet new people and socialize. You could have watched or participated in “Mr. Drysdale’s Let’s Make a Deal”, “Jet Set meets Poor Mountaineers”, or a unique game of “Uncle Jed’s Twister”, and I have to say, some people will do anything to win, especially at Twister. You could have joined the “Strike It Rich Parade”, where everyone was welcome to parade through the campground throwing out treats to those along the parade route. Maybe play a game or two of volleyball. We also had Bloody Mary Meet and Greets, Beer Pong, Tippy Cup and a Rum Bar. You never know what camper is going to have what or where, but it always seems that when it is time, everyone seems to find it. Thank you to Ray for bringing your guitar to some of these events and singing not only the originals, but your own versions as well. Also, on Saturday night, Toni and Glen graciously hosted “Granny’s Road Kill Feast”. The food was great and everyone had a good time. Also, it is appreciated that we didn’t have to cook that night. Thank you, Toni and Glen for the meal and thank you to Fractals, for playing the atmosphere music for the feast.

So you see, SwingStock is however little or however much you make out of it. There is something for everyone, no matter where you are at in your life or in the lifestyle. It is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, however you choose.

Now, that I have given you some of the highlights of “A TRIBUTE TO THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES”, I wish to take this time to say an important Thank You to many people:

To Toni and Glen: For having the vision to find and give us this place that many of us call “our little piece of heaven”, so that we are able to do what we wish and be who we are. For that we are all grateful.

To Everyone that helped with registration, parking, security, and the first aid station: For keeping “our little piece of heaven” and surrounding grounds, safe so that we could all enjoy SwingStock without worrying.

To the Vendors: For continuing to come back and bringing your inventory, so that we can find that sexy outfit, new movie or toy, or just so we can get a meal or a quick appetizer without having to cook.

To the Entertainment Committee: For coming up with wonderful games to entertain us, coming up with all the trivia questions, and finding all those businesses to donate wonderful prizes.

To Mr. and Mrs. DandD, on friendshipexpress.com: For coming up with the hiding place and the clues for the search for Elly May’s blouse.

To Mr. and Mrs. NipsandBones, on friendshipexpress.com: For providing the music for the Welcome Dance on Wednesday night.

To Mr. and Mrs. Wildlifex, on friendshipexpress.com: For playing all the music for the dances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

To Everyone behind the scenes of the play: For helping build and paint sets, taking care of the sound system, the props, the costumes, the spot lights, the choreography, the scene changers and everyone else that gets the stage ready for the play. Without you, there would be no sets upon which to perform the play.

To All the Cast Members: For taking the time to participate in the play, learning your lines, and give us a wonderful play to enjoy each night. Without you, there would be no play during SwingStock.

To All the Spouses of the Cast Members: For giving your unconditional support, reading lines, and spending many hours without your spouse, so that the play would be a success. Behind every great Cast Member, is an even greater spouse.

To Mr. and Mrs. amydoesit2, on friendshipexpress.com: For your dedication, hard work, and vision in writing and directing another successful play. We greatly appreciate your hard work, which adds a wonderful touch to SwingStock.

To All the Residents of “our little piece of heaven”: For your help in mowing, cutting trees and limbs, raking, painting, planting, moving picnic tables, cleaning, building and everything else that we do, not only so “our little piece of heaven” is perfect for us, but also, so that when a non-resident visits us, their home away from home is perfect for them.

I would like to leave you with a couple of quotes from this year’s play “A TRIBUTE TO THE BEVERELY HILLBILLIES”, said by the character, “John”, in Act III, with the written permission of amydoesit2 on friendshipexpress.com, the writers and directors of the play, which sums up what SwingStock is all about:

“ …. We are all going on vacation. To a place where we are going to hook up with like minded people. It’s probably the GREATEST place on earth. It’s called SWINGSTOCK! The feeling is laid back and welcoming. Everybody is so nice and respectful. ….”

“…. When you choose to be in the alternative Lifestyle, it’s because you enjoy the freedom of sexual expression and the desire to enjoy it with your spouse or other. People are very accepting. And they will love being around you as long as you are yourself.”

SS2009045“You are open-minded, loving, friendly and funny! That’ll get a lot of things going all by itself. People read through false pretense. They don’t have time for it. It’s about enjoying each other and possibly exploring the heights of ecstasy with each other. It’s not about who’s prettier or younger. It’s about sex appeal and having fun! …. And when we get to SwingStock, it’s going to be a party like you’ve never seen!”

Hope to see you all at SwingStock 2010.