SwingStock by Alice

by Alice

SS2009034Swingstock Paradise Campout started 21 years ago by Toni and Glen from Club H swing club in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota. Swingstock is a swinger’s campout that takes place in a newly developed campground about 90 minutes from the Twin Cities Area. The theme at Swingstock is always oriented around adult nursery rhymes. This year’s theme was Alice’s Adventures at Swingstock. Since I go by Alice in Swingland on the web, I thought it only appropriate to go to my own event! If you would like to know more about attending Swingstock you’ll find they web site at www.swingstock.com. You can reach them by phone at 320-245-6803.

Michael and I thought that by arriving on Tuesday we would be early for the campout, but we’re surprised to find the RV section of the campground nearly full. This is the second year that Swingstock has been held at this campground, and it is still under development. Toni and Glen have made many improvements over the past year clearing vegetation and improving the roads. The campground now includes a large stage and dance floor called Area 69, a Tiki Hut Palace with lights and DJ area, an above ground pool and a small hot tub as well as many full hookup RV sites.

Tuesday night was reasonably quiet. We took the time to walk the campground getting acquainted with other couples as we walked. Before we arrived, friends had told us that we would need to bring along a 22 caliber rifle for the mosquitoes. I’m not sure if this was an unusual year, but we encountered only a few problems with Minnesota’s famous biting bugs. However, this campground is large and it quickly became apparent that we would need to have some way to get around other than walking. We decided that renting a golf cart was in our best interest.

Wednesday, Swingstock officially opened. Our day started out with an S/M demonstration in one of the camps. A group of couples, who were into the S/M scene, had brought an entire dungeon with them. We’ve never been into S/M ourselves, but we know enough to know that you have to know what you are doing otherwise someone gets hurt! They started with a demonstration of a bull whip which got everyone’s attention. Snapping a bull whip in the air is one thing, but if it had been allowed to make contact would have done some serious skin damage! We enjoyed the demonstration and were impressed by their ability to have fun and to do it safely.

It was very hot and humid on Wednesday. As soon as the whipping demonstration was over, we headed for the above ground pool. We were in the pool every afternoon cooling off from the intense summer heat and it was a great place to hang out naked and make new friends.

Swingstock is organized and run by a large group of committees. That’s good as it spreads out the work. That way no one person has responsibility for everything. There was a general schedule of events that was roughly followed. However, the real schedule of events was posted or spread by word of mouth. Unfortunately a lot of events were poorly attended as no one really knew where or when things would take place. I’m not sure a lot of people cared as they seemed happy to simply hang out in the campground making new friends.

On Thursday, we had an unexpected pleasure of going for a flight over the campground. Our friend, Tom from Tom’s Tours, was attending the event and took us up in his private airplane. Michael, Judy from Playcate, a swing convention in South Carolina, and I went for a plane ride over the beautiful Minnesota forests. Judy and I sat in the back seat and we just could not resist having a little fun. We both took off our tops and played with each other just to get our pilot Tom excited! As we flew over the campground we waved the wings to everyone. Many of the girls thought we were doing it just for them and flashed us as we passed. That was great but from the air we really couldn’t see their tits!

When we returned, we enjoyed a great barbeque with our friends before heading to the main stage area to enjoy a huge bon fire and the Down the Rabbit Hole dance, which really kicked off the weekend. The group was small still but everyone was so friendly and we enjoyed getting to know people at the dance. Late that night, we returned to our motor home alone for some much needed sleep.

By Friday there was a lot more going on as more people had arrived and the campground was nearly full. None of the daytime events seemed to draw much of a crowd, but that really wasn’t much of a problem as there was plenty to do. We toured the campground making friends until we got over heated and headed for the pool again. It’s always good to hang out naked with a few friends.

Friday night’s dinner was huge hot dogs and sausages. That kind of food certainly fits in well when you are camping in the northern woods. After dinner, they lit the bon fire and it was time for the Cheshire Cat Lace Party. This was a bare as you dare lingerie party. However, we do have to remember, we were in Northern Minnesota forest. A lot more people danced on Friday night but we spent most of our time hanging out with friends.

Around midnight, a couple of our new friends asked if we would show them our new motor home. We were more than happy to show them our motor home especially our king size bed! We had what can only be called a wonderful foursome with our new friends. She didn’t really consider herself bisexual but I’m guessing she does now! I had her screaming with pleasure as my tongue licked her clit while my fingers massaged her G-spot.

While I was licking her pussy I was getting pounded by her husband’s hard cock from behind. Michael kept busy licking her nipples and then after her intense orgasm, he jokingly expressed surprise that she would cum so hard just from him licking her nipples! After her intense orgasm, Michael took over and they fucked like rabbits until he shot his load into her pussy in a very loud orgasm that definitely woke all the neighbors! I was getting intense pleasure from her husband at the same time. King size beds should be mandatory in every swinger’s motor home!

Things really kicked into high gear on Saturday. Everyone had arrived and word was getting out as to where and when events would be held. Michael and I were in charge of the Ms Swingstock / Ms No Swimsuit pageant. We had to change locations at the last minute to the Tiki Hut so that we would have music. Fortunately word spread quickly, and we ended up with a lot of beautiful girls competing in the contest. The winner of this pageant won a free week at Hedonism 2 in Jamaica including air fare to compete in the Ms No Swimsuit world finals.

We did this contest just a little different from the others than have been done. We asked each of the girls what their favorite fantasy was. Then when Michael introduces each of the girls he told everyone about each girl’s erotic desires! I’m not sure the audience was too impressed until we got to the talent portion of the contest. Each of the girls fulfilled their fantasy for the audience as their talent.

Some of the fantasies were quite simple like licking whipped cream from other girl’s nipples. However, some were much more interesting like the young cute girl who wanted a gangbang with 13 older men. For her talent she had 13 men including Michael stand in a circle. She went around the circle and gave each and everyone of them a quick blow job. Another girl wanted to feel a bald mans head on her pussy. Of course, my husband Michael was more than willing to volunteer! The winner’s talent was using a double headed dildo with another girl in front of an audience. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the talent competition.

Ms Swingstock was chosen by the audience when they gave the girl of their choice the Mardi Gras beads that they were wearing. The winner was a beautiful young blonde with a great body. I could tell that Michael had been lusting after her the entire contest! Actually, I think he was lusting after all the contestants but then again, so was I! Ms SwingStock went on to the Ms No Swim Suit Contest at Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica, and was voted the First Runner Up for 2006. Please join us at Hedonism II for the crowing of Ms. No Swim Suit Worldwide 2007, March 10 – 17, 2006. For details visit http://Xtimacy.com or call 320-245-6803.

Saturday night started off with a great Barbeque dinner. There was a featured performer during dinner who did comedy and magic. However, for most of us it was our last night at Swingstock and we wanted to make the most of it.

The Erotic Royal Coronation Ball was the big event on Saturday night. Every year a King and Queen of Swingstock are elected by secret ballet. After Glen announced the King and Queen, the party kicked into high gear. The dance was held in the upper camp area at the Tiki Hut and even though it was a smaller area, it was more conducive to a seductive dance. It seemed like a lot more people were on the dance floor and they were playing around! When you attend a good swinger’s dance, it can appear to be nothing more than hot foreplay and that is exactly what this dance was like. When we were dancing, I always had someone’s fingers on my pussy or playing with my ass and I liked it!

SS2009041A couple of hours into the dance, friends of our invited us over to their place which was right next door to the dance for a party. They had set up their camp area so that it could accommodate a large mattress area. It was much larger than our king size bed, and that was a good thing as there were about 10 couple attending this orgy. We spent the next couple of hours licking, sucking and fucking. It was a wonderful way to spend our last night at Swingstock in Minnesota.

The party was so good on Saturday night that we only made it 17 miles down the road before we decided it was time to camp for the night. We had enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Swingstock and were so tired, that there was literally nothing left! Well at least until the next good party! If you are a swinger who loves to camp then you should plan to attend next years Swingstock in Minnesota.