by Ronni

SS2009009When I was asked to write an article on Swingstock Goes Hollywood – 2008, I didn’t know where to start. There are so many activities, so little time. From the games and events at Area 69 to the gatherings held at individual sites, there is so much to see and so much to enjoy.

Even though, this is to be an article on Swingstock Goes Hollywood, I want to take this time to thank Toni and Glen for giving us this place for the freedom to do what we wish and be who we are. I also want to thank everyone behind the scenes who help make everything run as smoothly as possible.

Although the weather did not cooperate at times, it didn’t seem to dampen the spirit of Swingstock. Events were rescheduled, dropped or relocated, but it didn’t seem to matter. It was all about the freedom that Swingstock allows.

The play performed this year, “Sex is Like a Credit Card”, was a hit. Thanks to amydoesit2, for coming up with an original. The cast and characters were wonderful. The actors and actresses were well fit for their parts, as well as the last minute extras, who all did a great job. The dedication of the actors and actresses is apparent, and I wait each year to see how they outdo their performance from the previous year.

Congratulations to Sugar on renewing their vows after 15 years of marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony, even with the rain and wind. As always, Minister Glen did a great job. It was a unique ceremony for a unique couple. Where else can you have a bridal party in nothing but sarongs?

The Miss No Swimsuit Contest was a blast. Each contestant gave a lot to be crowned. In my eyes, each was the winner. However, that can’t be the case. This ended up being one of the closest contests ever. Congratulations to Mrs. OMGU812 for winning the contest. I know that she will make Swingstock proud.

For the first time in Swingstock history, Mrs. OMGU812 from FriendshipExpress.com not only won Miss No Swimsuit, but Mr. and Mrs. OMGU812 also were crowned the King and Queen of Swingstock. Congratulations to them, as well as going down in the history books as being the first. Hmm, I wonder who will be next.

SS2009019It is always fun to walk around and see who has decorated their campsite for the theme of Swingstock. This year was no exception. The personalities of those camping shine through. There were many different styles to decorating. Congratulations to Al and Amy for winning this year’s Best Camp Site.

From the Golf Cart Parade to Wolf’s Den, there is something for everyone. From the shy to the bold, you will always meet someone that makes you feel welcome. The many different gatherings and events from a simple game of Hollywood Squares or the Newlywed Game to a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Wine & Cheese Tasting, Milk Can Supper, Social Hour, make all the fun.