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Helensburgh and District Access Trust does not recommend fires as they are unneccessary, messy and a potential hazard to forestry. Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code including: gaining landowner's permission to have a small, supervised fire that's under control ; adopting sustainable practices for gathering wood and using a stove rather than an open fire; observing fire bans ; ensure you have appropriate and adequate insurance in place [see section 4.7] Free download the Scottish Outdoor Access Code For further information If you would like a copy of the full Access Code phone Scottish Natural Heritage on 01738 444177, email or visit Mountaineering Scotland and the Scottish Canoe Association provide information on camping responsibly in Scotland. If you see a wildfire, please call 999 and ask for the Fire Service; Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code's advice and never start a fire during prolonged dry periods; Always fully extinguish cigarettes and dispose of them responsibly If you know the best access point, please let them know. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code provides detailed guidance on the exercise of the ancient tradition of universal access to land in Scotland, which was formally codified by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.Under Scots law everyone has the right to be on most land and inland water for recreation, education and going from place to place providing they act responsibly. Best Practices. Things that are illegal or ill advised at other times are still both illegal and ill advised under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. In relation to lighting fires, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code says: Wherever possible, use a stove rather than an open fire. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code gives us the right to access most, ... but not all, countryside areas in Scotland. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) provides a source of information about all aspects of access. Understanding the Scottish Outdoor Access Code: In Scotland, you can go on to most land to enjoy the outdoors – as long as you behave responsibly. No fires in forests, farmland, peaty ground, very dry conditions, cultural heritage sites, Areas of Special Scientific Interest, plantations, farmland or near buildings / roads; Keep fires small, under control and supervised at all times; You may be liable for major damage caused by a fire Equally, land managers have to manage their land and water responsibly in relation to access rights. If it is safe to do so, stand by the access point and speak to fire … Scottish access rights apply, for example, to hills and moors, forests and woods, beaches and the coast, rivers and lochs, parks and some types of farmland. Remove all traces of an open fire before you leave. Heed all advice at times of high risk. With our access rights also come responsibilities. Fires are allowed, but don’t hurt trees … FIRES. Scottish Outdoor Access Code Summary. Click here for further information about the Scottish Outdoor Access Code The Land Reform Act does not replace existing law and legislation relating to litter, fires and dogs etc. Access for our fire crews. Keep those safety cans in a fire-resistant metal or brick building or your garage. The code is based on 3 broad principles: This is a very easy to navigate website which will answer any queries you may have. Give our fire control room staff as much detail as possible. For further information visit the Scottish Outdoor Access Code section on lighting fires.

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