Thank your for taking time to read this. Below, we will try to answer many of your questions about us, including, but not limited to how long have we been around, who comes to SwingStock, and what to expect.

This is our 30th year of doing SwingStock Paradise Campout. It started in the Summer of 1988 with just three couple. Since then we have been doing it every year, except for one year, when we took a break to do something with our children that summer. It is sponsored by Club H (voted the Best Off Premise Club, Windy Clitty Awards).

Since that time, SwingStock has been featured in nationally published magazines, and also have been featured on HBO, Playboy channel, as well as on local network channels.

We have been voted the Best Lifestyle Event not only by those attending, but also received the Windy Clitty Awards for the Best Lifestyle Event around. In 2004 and 2005, SwingStock was voted as one of the top three lifestyle events in the nation.

About 400 to 600 people attended SwingStock in the last couple of years. We are expecting the same or more this year, and it will be held just north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, on a 100 acre clothing-optional campground.

Everyone from all backgrounds, ethnicity, economic status attend SwingStock. We have had attendees from all over the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Belize, New Zealand, England, China and more.

Nothing is expected of you — every type of sexual persuasion attends SwingStock. There is no need to worry about where you are. Non-swingers, nudists, bisexuals, exhibitionists, voyeurs, those into leather, whips, etc., are all welcome to attend. All we ask is that you are tolerable to others way of life, as long as it’s not forced or coerced.

As in the previous years, we are expecting clothing, lingerie, toys and travel vendors. We are working on getting food vendors for this year also.

You can register online (see above) or call us 320-245-6803. If you have further questions, please be sure to email us at info@2creeks.com or call 320-245-6803.

Tentative Schedule

SwingStock will be held at a secluded 100 acre campground, about 90 miles Northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul. A map and phone number will be sent to all who register. There are two creeks on the property, and depending on the water level, you may be able to tube, float or swim on the creeks.

Registration will begin 10am each day, starting on Tuesday, July 15 for early arrival. Please keep in mind that registration closes at 9pm, each night, and no admittance to SwingStock is allowed until the next day.

Following are suggestions for you to help make your weekend more enjoyable:


Confirmation Letter and Photo Identification (mandatory). You must have these for registration and both of you must be present. Any monies due at check in will incur an additional $30 late fee. If you registered a small RV, under 25ft, you must let us know if you will be bringing a larger RV. Failure to do so will result in a $75 penalty placement fee – no checks or credit cards–cash only.

¨ Casual/Erotic Wear. Bring your sexiest swimsuits, shorts, jeans, sandals/sneakers, hats, and a light jacket.

¨ Dress for the SwingStock Dance Themes. Join us in the themes and have a great time!

Tuesday, July 16—Warm-up at the Bare’s Den Dance Early Arrival and Get Acquainted Dance. Mingle and meet new friends. Dress from casual, to erotic to nude! Get ready for a weekend of fun!!!

Wednesday, July 17 – Party with the Canadians – wear red and white – a tribute to our Canadian friends who come to SwingStock year after year.

Thursday, July 18 – Showgirls & Chippendales

Friday, July 19 – Gangsters & Molls (think Bonnie & Clyde) – no guns, fake or otherwise

6pm, Saturday, July 21 – Catered Dinner – clothing required
Saturday, July 20 – Viva Las Vegas Ball. All things Vegas! High rollers, magicians, Elvis, Cirque de Soleil, drag queens, cigarette girls…
At about 10 pm, we’ll take you on to an Eruption of Fun (this Eruption of Fun has never been done at Two Creeks before – to understand more, you must be here)!

¨ Contests to prepare for: Best Campsite, Best Buns (male), Best Chest (female), Ms SwingStock, and the Crowning of the King and Queen!


¨ A flashlight for walking around in the evening.

¨ Snacks for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning/afternoon and Saturday afternoon (meal will be served Friday and Saturday nights). There isn’t a store at the campground, but there is a General Store about 1/2 mile East of the campground but they are limited. For example, they do not sell sleeping bags, but they do sell ice, pop, beer, juice, and they also have a café in the store. So come prepared with all your major items and any liquor.

¨ Any games you would like to share

¨ Personal Beverages. For everyone’s safety, glass containers are not allowed (beer bottles, etc.) transfer them to plastic.

¨ Camping Equipment. Lawn chairs, trash bags, firewood, candles, inner tubes or floaters, lanterns, bug spray, BBQ grill, charcoal, etc. Some people bring outdoor carpets, mats, or other material for outside of their tent or RV.

¨ Personal Grooming. Towels, shampoo, tanning lotion, sunglasses, any medications, condoms, etc.

¨ Water “Y” and hose. Some areas have limited water connections.

¨ Transportation at campground. You may bring a golf cart, non-motorized bicycles, and similar low speed vehicles to get around. There are several ATV trails close by. You may bring your ATV to enter or exit the property, to get to the trails ONLY. Please keep your speed below 10 MPH. Anyone caught going over 10 MPH may be banned from driving at Two Creeks.


¨ Upon arrival, you will receive an info bag and your Program Guide will be in your Info Bag. It will contain the current information about what’s happening for the weekend. BE SURE TO READ THIS!!!

¨ Considerate behavior is mandatory or you will be asked to leave without a refund!!!

¨ Vendors–be sure to identify yourself for proper placement.

¨ No pets allowed unless you are physically impaired (hearing/vision, etc.).

¨ No cameras are allowed in the public/general areas of the campground. Taking unauthorized photos will result in your camera being confiscated.

¨ Volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to help, tell us when checking in.

¨ Keep in mind that warm weather, combined with alcoholic beverages and physical activity can cause dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

¨ Peak demands may overload water. Even though we have two wells, pumping a total of 35 gallons a minute (equal to a city supply system), Please conserve. If your campsite does not have water, you MUST FILL YOUR ON-BOARD TANKS when you register AND USE THEM WHEN POSSIBLE.

¨ We have added more electricity and will have much more than last year. Keep in mind that the electrical grid has not been fully tested. PLEASE conserve when you can! Use air conditioning MINIMALLY!

SS2009015¨ We have a fabulous Event Center designed with YOU in mind. This includes over 4000 sq. ft of concrete floor for a stage and dance floor. It also has seating for your comfort.